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 Andean Crossing

     Recommended Routes:
  - "Piuquenes Pass", 6 days
  - "Los Patos Valley", 10 days

     Others routes of this
     Adventure by  horses:

  - "Los Patos Valley", 11 days

    Data and Informations of the
    Andean Crossing Adventure:

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Horseback riding, 6 days

6 days, Horse riding "to the Glacier"
6 days, "Laguna del Diamante"

 Horseback riding, 5 days

5 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
5 days, Horse riding in "Winter"

 Horseback riding, 4 days

4 days, Horse riding "Real de la Cruz"
4 days, Horse riding + Aconcagua

 Horseback riding, 3 days

3 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
3 days, Horse riding "Manzano"

3 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"
3 days, Horse riding "Extreme"

 Horseback riding, 2 days

2 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"

 Horseback riding, full day

1/2 day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Manzano"

 Horseback riding in
 Colombia - new!

10 days, "Colombia`s Vergel"
6 days, "The Viceroy´s Roads"

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Horseback Riding Expedition

General Information:
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We suggest you two routes of this expedition:
Horse Riding expedition, crossing The Andes Mountain Range

2017/ 2018

Two routes of the expedition Crossing The Andes by Horse "Andean Crossing Adventure"

Route "Piuquenes Pass"
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By Valley of Tunuyan River
Maximum high: Portillo Argentino 4380 meters


Route "Los Patos Valley"

Click here
By the "Valle Hermoso Pass (Arg / Chile)"
Maximum high: Col. Espinacito 4500 meters


Characteristics of this Horse Riding Expedition:

  1. Historical: Follow San Martin's path, we are going to ride through the "Valle de los Patos" (Valley of the ducks). In January 1817, the "Ejército de los Andes" (Andes Army) undertook the most audacious military campaign of the Argentinean history. Nearly 200 years later, we offer you cross the Andes mountain ranges on horseback following General Don José de San Martin's path.

  2. Ecological: we take care of the environment, we defend the activities which are in direct contact with nature, far away from pollution and high-tension cables or any kind of civilization.

  3. At the Aconcagua's feet: the highest mountain of the American continent (6962 meters). The horseback ride passes through the highest peaks of the Andes.

  4. Expedition across the Andes: which will make this crossing a real "expedition" among a salvage and isolated world to reach one of the most defying objective of the Tourism Adventure: The Andes crossing on horseback.

  5. The "gaucho" way: you will live every minute like a gaucho (Argentinean cowboys), sharing your time with our team of guides and muleteers who will teach you experiences and costumes from the everyday life of a typical gaucho in the high country.


We are going to ride through the Aconcagua region up to the Chilean border.

Here it stands the most massive and immense mountains in America, including its tallest peak, the Aconcagua (23,200 ft). Riding at heights over 4000 meters.

It is in these uninhabited places, which you can only reach on horseback, where huge herds of guanacos roam freely and the Andean condor nests. Only in unique places like this can you enjoy watching them in plenitude.

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